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We are Symatree Farm and our mission is to enhance your family’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being through engaging horse connection, deep nature experiences, and playful movement practices.


Enriched by our passion for research, learning, melding powerful ideologies and stretching our creativity, our distinctive and comprehensive U series of programs was born. There’s nothing else out there like them and we’re proving that self-discovery can be enjoyable and exciting regardless of your age.


Our fun, strengths-based YOUTH programs are packed with imagination and adventure, allowing kids to grow in confidence as they experience an exciting blend of horse friendship, nature connection, feel-good movement, and Covid-aware social interaction.


Fashioned with understanding of the next exciting and tempestuous stage, our TEEN series provides safe opportunities for participants to refine their sense of self as they explore, discover, and integrate their various parts into a clearer identity that they can feel proud of.


Our ADULT program consists of an engaging and empowering 5-part experience, designed to honor and accompany you on your journey from where you are now, to the ultimate, brilliant, future you. Take one part or take all five. With a willing, wise, and nurturing herd at your side, are you ready to ask the big questions, open up to new perspectives and define your own best life?


Just 25 minutes east of Winnipeg our horse and human mentors are ready to meet you where you’re at and take you where you're ready to go!

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COVID-friendly programming:

4U1 & 4U2

4U1 and 4U2 are our introductory programs for youth (ages 8 - 12) and teens (ages 13 - 17). With a focus on participants feeling safe, welcome and comfortable, your child or teen will be paired up with our friendly Junior Mentors for some individualized attention as they get to know the place, horses and people of Symatree Farm.


Connect U is designed around engaging messages about true friendship, personal gifts and strengths, emotional intelligence and self-appreciation. The Connect U quest includes an impactful Rite of Passage through which participants come to appreciate their role in making their families, classrooms, and world a better place!


Odyssey U is a small group journey where, through earning the trust and respect of a horse, teens come to trust and respect themselves. With this solid foundation of self-appreciation, participants grow curious to see how they can fit in while they stand out. This supportive and non-judgmental setting provides the freedom to explore their natural gifts and healthy independence.


Outdoorsy U focuses on cool skills for thriving in a Manitoba winter. What does it take to build a cozy shelter and filter water? Could you take down a feral balloon with a bow and arrow? We're huge fans of befriending horses, dogs and kittens... but what about birds? And snow... is there a more fun thing to play with? Outdoorsy U provides a chance to play outside in the fresh country air, while learning skills and tending nature.


At Symatree Farm we believe that play is not just for kids, it’s for grownups too! We've designed a 5-part experience to support and honor your journey from where you are now, to the ultimate, brilliant, future you. Our horse and human mentors are experts at giving you safe opportunities to question, experiment, and find your own best answers to your biggest questions.

A variety of online activities are also available during COVID-19 restrictions. 

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