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Movement Centre of Manitoba

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The Movement Centre of Manitoba is a privately funded registered charity and the only one of its kind in Manitoba that specializes in Conductive Education rehabilitation and therapy for children living with neuromotor disorders. The Movement Centre is committed to serving Manitobans living with neurological conditions such as but not limited to cerebral palsy, stroke, acquired brain injury, developmental delays, and spina bifida.



Individual Programs: Adults can receive Individual Classes with one of our Conductor’s for a very personalized program benefiting the individual’s specific needs

Cerebral Palsy Programs: Emphasis is placed on learning new strategies of thinking and movement and applying these to everyday situations. Problem solving, motivation, attention and strength are developed alongside sitting, standing, walking manipulation and self-care skills.

Spina Bifida Programs: Our approach to spina bifida therapy is to teach a participant and their family the techniques required to maximize mobility and sensation, improving the client’s overall independence. Our Conductors work closely with participants enabling them to learn skills required for ambulation and activities of daily living. Conductors possess a detailed understanding of how spina bifida can affect everyday living and can help to find ways to overcome the difficulties caused by this condition

Stroke Programs: Individuals recovering from stroke are lead through a structured program aimed at improving body awareness and symmetry, range of movement, activity and confidence. Tasks to develop balance, standing and walking abilities and active use of the affected arm and hand are incorporated with concentration and communication skills. Specific techniques are learned to ensure the application of learnt skills outside the program. Individuals are grouped by abilities to ensure the needs of the group can be met.


Programs at the Movement Centre are not limited to these set categories. To see if the Movement Centre and Conductive Education Rehabilitation is right for you visit our website or email us for a pre-assessment form.


Smiling child and staff member at a Movement Centre program

   Contact Info

(204) 487-2679

1646 Henderson Highway

Winnipeg, MB R2G 1N7

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