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Manitoba Boccia

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Boccia is a Paralympic sport of precision and strategy similar to lawn bowling or curling, played by athletes with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, and related disabilities. It is one of only two Paralympic sports that do not have an Olympic counterpart. Athletes compete in one of six sport classes based on their level and type of disability: BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4, BC5, and Open. Boccia is a game for everyone! For those who want to play for fun and socialize with friends, for those who may not have had the opportunity to play a sport before, and for those who have the drive and aspirations to go all the way to the Paralympics!


We have offered recreation boccia nights once a month in Winnipeg and Brandon. In the future, we will also be offering practices to enhance boccia skills and become more competitive. 

Manitoba Boccia is a partnership of Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba (CPAM), Manitoba Possible, Manitoba Cerebral Palsy Sports Association (MCPSA), and the Rehabilitation Centre for Children's LIFE Program.    



In Winnipeg, our programming begins in the fall and continues to the spring, taking a break for summer. We are excited to offer a few different program options:

Children and Youth Try It Sessions are hosted through the Rehabilitation Center for Children. To find out more information, please contact Hailey at

Adult Recreation Nights are hosted once a month, through Manitoba Possible. To find out more information, please contact Mila at

Our newest program is an all ages boccia league. If you are looking to learn more skills and compete in local and national tournaments, this league is for you! If you are interested in signing up for this, please contact Colleen at

Programs in the Works

We are starting up a program to get boccia in schools! If you would like to see boccia in your school, please reach out!


We are currently looking to expand boccia programming into Brandon and Dauphin; if you are in those areas and are interested, please let us know. As well if you would like to see a program in any other area of Manitoba, we would love to hear from you!


For all programs in the works, please reach out to Colleen at

   Contact Info   

Colleen Moyer is the Manitoba Provincial Partner for boccia with Boccia Canada. Contact her with questions or to be added to the email list to receive up-to-date info about boccia in Manitoba:


For more information about boccia, please visit the Boccia Canada Website:

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