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Next Chapter Book Club

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The Next Chapter Book Club offers an opportunity for people of all abilities to enjoy good books, make friends and have fun together in a public setting.


The Next Chapter Book Clubs in the Winnipeg area provide an opportunity for people of all abilities, both readers and non-readers, to read, learn and make friends in a relaxed community setting. Next Chapter Book Clubs meet weekly for an hour in public spaces such as libraries and malls and are facilitated by trained volunteers. A group might contain from 6-10 members. Meetings are casual and oriented towards building friendships as well as reading together. As in any club, choices about what to read, and how to organize the meetings are decided by the members. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we had three clubs in Winnipeg, one in Steinbach, and were working on starting one in Selkirk.

During COVID, our Winnipeg clubs have continued to meet either outdoors or via Zoom. Despite the challenges of online interaction, we are finding that we can continue quite easily and book clubs provide a way for people to continue to connect with others. We have room for new participants in two book clubs that meet on Monday and Thursday evenings.

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For more info or to join a club, email Deborah Dykstra:

Facebook: ncbcwinnipeg
Instagram: ncbcwinnipeg

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1-120 Maryland Street

Winnipeg, MB R3G 1L1

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