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Kid City Archibald

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ENERGIZING INDEPENDENCE! At Kid City Archibald, we aspire to help children of all abilities gain independence by providing a fun environment that facilitates play and active learning. We consider the unique needs of developing children and have created a plan to revitalize Kid City Archibald into a play center to foster growth and development in every child at every stage. We serve to be inclusive and accommodating to families who have a child with additional needs or a disability. Our goal is to support families by providing specialized indoor play equipment and classes for continued practice and growth.


Check out Kid City Archibald's website to learn more about current group programs and classes for your family! Kid City is also open for drop-in and offers birthday parties and private rentals. Learn more:

   Contact Info


Instagram: @kidcityarchibald

Facebook: kidcity-archibald


550 Archibald Street

Winnipeg, MB   R2J 0X4

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