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Recreational Respite

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Recreational Respite supports children, youth and adults with disability and mental illness. Our team of Recreation Professionals have been busy working toward how to ensure our services are accessible and supportive to individuals and their families, during this challenging time and ongoing.


1:1 Direct Support (all ages) offers an opportunity for our Recreation Professionals to work with children, youth and adults toward short or long term goals (in the home, community or virtual).

Virtual Groups (ages 5 -11, 12-15 and 16+) offers a safe virtual space to explore new interests and experiences in small groups, while working on goals and outcomes. We have fun and inclusive sessions for everyone!

Build It Workshops (ages 12-15, 16+) aims to provide independent skill mastery for individuals who want to acquire new experiences with productive outcomes. These person-centred workshops will cultivate life skills and promote self-care. Have a look at our website for the current monthly calendar of programs!


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Facebook: @recrespite

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