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Recreational Respite

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Recreational Respite promotes inclusion and nurtures social health for children, youth and adults with disabilities, mental health experiences, and other barriers to participation across Canada. Our services include one-to-one supports, group programs (virtual and in-person), capacity building workshops, and community partnerships that focus on social health and connection.


Groups: We offer an inclusive and publicly available virtual Young Adults calendar (for ages 16+), which is accessible at This includes a free peer-to-peer program each month and a variety of engaging programs including Skills for Success, Escape Rooms, Cooking Clubs, Arts and Mixed Media and more. Outcomes include:

  • steps towards independence

  • nurturing healthy relationships

  • embracing identity and culture

  • exploring recreational interests

  • emotional, social, physical and mental well-being

  • developing work-readiness skills and career discovery

  • preparing for transitions

  • peer-to-peer support


One-to-one Supports: Our one-to-one supports are matched on an individualized basis, and are primarily in-person (virtual is an option if it is requested). No diagnosis is required to access our supports. To inquire, reach out to us at 1-877-855-7070 or emailing Sessions are a minimum 2 hours per session, where the Recreational Respite team member will support the person in meeting individualized goals, such as social health, physical literacy, steps towards independence, community participation, etc. Please note we do not provide transportation or personal care (toileting, bathing, etc.). Recreational Respite’s supports and services are recognized by public, ministry and private foundations for funding or reimbursement for families who qualify.


We also provide Capacity Building Workshops and work in collaboration with Community Partners. Call us or visit our website to learn more!

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Facebook: @recreationalrespite

Instagram: @recrespite

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