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LIFE Program

The LIFE Program (Leisure in Fun Environments) provides opportunities for children and youth with special needs to engage in meaningful recreational activity. It is funded by donations to the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation. The LIFE Program is a therapeutic recreation and loans program at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children, housed at the SSCY Centre. Programs are open to children with physical and/or developmental disabilities, up to the age of 20.


Therapeutic recreation programming from September to June

We are currently offering a variety of in-person and virtual programming for ages 2-20. Sign up for our mailing list to receive registration info for upcoming programs, or explore our website to see what we offer!​

Below is a list of programs we facilitate; many of these programs are running in modified ways at this time:

  • Weekly music therapy, adapted yoga, and Zumba classes

  • Teen social programs

  • Sport development events including boccia, skating, and swimming

  • After-school and family cooking clubs

  • Family festivals and fun days

  • And much more!

Active Living Centre

The Active Living Centre continues to loan out equipment to families. The goal of the Active Living Centre is to promote active living and healthy lifestyles. We have a variety of equipment that families can borrow to help their child be more active. We help make it easier for children with disabilities and their families to increase their recreation and leisure activities at home, school and in the community.  Families and professionals can borrow equipment for several weeks at a time. To learn more about the Active Living Centre, visit our page:

Equipment available includes:

  • Adapted and specialized bikes, trikes, and trailers

  • Beach wheelchairs

  • Wooden push sleds

  • Hockey sledges

  • Chill-Out chairs

  • Specialized life jackets, flotation devices, and wet suits

  • And much more!

Spring Break and Summer Camps

We offer spring break days and summer camp programming

for youth ages 12-20. Sign up for our mailing list to receive

camp registration information when it's released.

Download our summer camp 2024 information package!

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