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At Manitoba Possible we work together to eliminate barriers for an inclusive and accessible society by focusing our values on Collaboration, Diversity and Innovation. When you receive a disability diagnosis, it can change your life. You might think you have to give up on the future you had envisioned for yourself or your child. But you don’t. We’re here to change perspectives. We’re here to show Manitoba’s adults, youth and children exactly what’s possible.



Sledge Hockey Program

This program is run in partnership with Sledge Hockey Manitoba. Sledge hockey is a Paralympic sport that was adapted from ice hockey. Sledge hockey is a sport very similar to ice hockey except the process of motion is generated from an athletes arms not their legs. Sledge hockey is a totally inclusive sport for anyone regardless of abilities. In addition, adaptations can be made to ones sled to accommodate those that may have complications with moving their arms.


In Winnipeg there is currently 3 different levels for sledge hockey: novice, intermediate, and advanced. The novice level is for those aged 12 and under, as well as those just beginning the sport. The group practices basic drills to help improve their skating, turning, and shooting while also playing games such as British bulldog and scrimmages. The intermediate league is for those 12 and up; a new four-team league has been introduced allowing the teams to play each other throughout the year. The advanced level is for those that want to play at the highest level in Winnipeg, and pits two teams against each other throughout the year fostering a friendly rivalry and a competitive atmosphere with playoffs instituted to finish off the regular season. All 3 levels participate in tournaments that have travelled to Minneapolis, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. Sledge hockey is an inclusive sport regardless of ability, fostering a strong community of players and families, and respect among all players!

Sledge hockey is offered once a week on Saturdays and Sunday’ at the Bell MTS Iceplex. Learn more at


Power Wheelchair Hockey Program

This program receives support from the Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba. Power Wheelchair hockey is an adapted sport from ice hockey and floor hockey. Power Wheelchair hockey uses many of the same rules as these two sports. Power Wheelchair hockey has athletes use a power wheelchair to move themselves on the gym floor, with a lightweight stick either attached to the wheelchair or held by the athlete. The goal of the sport is to score more goals than the other team the same as both ice hockey and floor hockey. Currently there is a power wheelchair league in Winnipeg open to all ages, the sport has had teams travel across the country and to the USA to play in tournaments.

Power Wheelchair hockey is offered once a week on Sunday’s currently played out of  Notre Dame Recreation Centre. However, in the past the sport was played out of St. James Civic Centre. The program would have 3-4 teams play against each other in competitive games, while scores, and stats, are kept and tracked throughout the season. This would culminate in playoffs that would be played at the end of the year.

Power Wheelchair hockey is a fantastic and unique sport that allows participation from people with a broad range of abilities, while keeping people active and building a larger community.

​This program is geared towards youth over 16. We are in the works of developing a younger program. If interested please connect with the recreation team at Manitoba Possible.

Wheelchair Curling

Wheelchair curling is for people of all ages and abilities that have a desire to get out on the ice. Focusing on the basics of curling while fostering development in strength, accuracy, and community. If there is interest but you are not in a wheelchair, one can be supplied. Wheelchair Curling begins the first week of November and runs for 6 weeks at a cost of $45 for the 6 week block .

Children’s Recreation and Leisure Summer Camp Programs

Manitoba Possible’s summer camp is heavily supported through United Way funding. At our programs we provide one on one support workers for those with various abilities. We focus on fostering the growth of the whole individual: socially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Children/youth will be able to make friends and participate in various helpful social activities. Our programs incorporate a mix of arts focusing on culinary skills in the kitchen and mastering their inner artists. We also provide various accessible sport opportunities including aerobic exercises throughout the summer such as swimming, cycling, dancing, a mix of arts throughout the summer as well focusing on culinary skills in the kitchen and mastering their inner artists.


  • Youth Adventure Day Camp (ages 13-21) - 1-2  weeks offered

  • Youth Performing Arts Day Camp (ages 13-21) - 1 week offered

  • Splash n’ Dash Children’s Day Camp (ages 6-12) - 1 week offered

  • High and Low Exploration camp for children (ages 6-12) - 1 week offered

  • Youth Culinary Arts Day Camp (ages 13-21) - 2 weeks offered

  • Youth STEM Camp (ages 13-31) - 1 week offered

  • *Transportation is provided to and  from the above camps listed.


Sledge to Physical Literacy Day Camp (Ages 6-21) - 1 week of sledge hockey offered, this camp incorporates a variety of other accessible sports for children and youth to try while attending camp this week.


All Abilities Dance

Dance classes for children and youth of all abilities focusing on movement and flexibility for all. ASL Interpreters are provided for those who require this support. Our All Abilities Dance classes are instructed by Brenda Gorlick, performing arts instructor at Winnipeg Studio Theatre. All Abilities dance will be offered in person this year for a 16 week session beginning in November, in person location and time TBD.

Psychotherapy with Arts, in partnership with Amy Choi RP(q)

Psychotherapy with Arts helps kids to express themselves through art in a creative process, helping assist with mental health, communication, and overall wellbeing. Psychotherapy with Arts will be in person with the program beginning in mid-October, location and day and time are TBD.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy is offered virtually primarily for those residing in rural Manitoba. Once we return to in person music therapy this will be delivered out of Knox Church, located in Brandon, MB, as well as the continuation of a virtual program.

STEM (Robotics) Program

Robotics classes for children and youth of all abilities, that focuses on science experiments, coding, and LEGO Mindstorms. Robotics focusses on fine and gross motor skills, adapting and creating, while exercising the intellectual and curious mind of each individual. Program will be ran in person during the new year, with location, length of weekly program TBD. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children and Youth Day camp    

This camp is open to all Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing ie; CODAs (children of a Deaf adult), or siblings of Deaf or hard of hearing participants are welcome. This is a great opportunity for individuals who wish to stay connected with the Deaf community outside school and who are focused on learning or improving their ASL skills. Our days will be filled with a variety of activities and possible day trips to various locations include Camp Manitou, Transcona Aquatic Park, Children Museums, the Assiniboine Zoo, and Birds Hill Beach.

  • Two weeks offered for ages 5 to 12

  • 1 week offered for ages 12-17

  • The cost is $135.00 per child for the week.

  • Our primary location and dates are at Manitoba School for the Deaf, 242 Stradford Street

  • *Transportation to and from camp location is not provided.

  • One on one support may not always be guaranteed, please connect with the facilitator and your case manager prior to registering for camp.

Virtual Get-Togethers

We are now offering get-togethers for children and youth via Zoom. This is an ongoing program to connect those who are Deaf or hard of hearing virtually through activities focusing on socialization by baking together, art, dance, trivia nights, etc.

There has also been some partnership with Jacqueline Monteith, Science Consultant for Frontier School Division. Her son has been leading 30 minute science activities / challenges with ASL interpretation provided. Check out their page here!


   Contact Info   

Contact Jaylene or Josh for more info on the above programs:

Jaylene Irwin

Supervisor of Recreation and Leisure

204-918-0145 (cell)

Josh Muloin

Facilitator of Children’s Recreation and Leisure

431-998-2118 (cell) 

Contact Jenna-lee for more info on the Deaf and hard of hearing programs:​

Jenna-lee Irwin

Facilitator of Deaf and hard of hearing Recreation and Leisure



​​Visit the website for info on all programs:

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