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Manitoba Theatre for Young People

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Since 1982, MTYP has been one of the largest theatres in Canada dedicated solely to children’s theatre and education. MTYP plays a key role in the development and delivery of theatre-in-education programs that concentrate on using theatre as an educational tool to illustrate and express ideas about social issues. In addition to it’s mainstage and touring activities, MTYP also operates a Theatre School where over 1,500 children and teens learn the art and craft of theatre and related disciplines, and Native Youth Theatre, which offers free classes in theatre and related disciplines to Winnipeg’s Indigenous youth. MTYP’s Drama Outreach program provides workshops, satellite programs and residencies for schools and community partners throughout Manitoba.



MTYP offers:

  • Mainstage shows dedicated to children and Teens. Public and school matinées.

  • Two touring performances that travel to schools across MB. Generally one for elementary aged children (Gr. 1-6) and high school (Gr. 7-12)

  • A Theatre School program that runs all year round. Including spring break camps and summer camps. MTYP offers theatre school classes from ages 3-19. Also offered to our teen students is a pre-professional experience to join a theatre company: Young Company and Musical Theatre Company.

  • Native Youth Theatre program offers free classes in theatre and related disciplines to Winnipeg’s Indigenous youth.

What is a relaxed performance?

Relaxed performances at MTYP are designed to make shows more welcoming to audience members who may benefit from a less formal theatre setting. This includes people on the autism spectrum, folks with learning disorders and sensory concerns, and first-time theatregoers. But of course, all are welcome! 


Modifications include:

  • House lights will be at a low level at the beginning and throughout the show to allow patrons to exit and enter comfortably

  • Sound levels will be altered to account for sensory sensitivities

  • The Quiet Room (located up the stairs at the back of the theatre) will be available to take a break if needed during the show

   Contact Info   


2 Forks Market Road

Winnipeg MB R3C 4X1

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