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Manitoba Wheelchair Sport Association

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The Manitoba Wheelchair Sport Association (MWSA) was founded in 1969 as one of the first wheelchair sport organizations in Canada. Today, we are the provincial sport organization for wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby. From the playground to the podium, our organization is committed to the promotion of physical health for Manitobans of all abilities through sport and recreation opportunities.

Membership: All regular programs require a membership to be taken out for insurance purposes. MWSA membership fees are $20 for adults, $15 for youth, and $30 for a family.


Financial Challenges: MWSA is committed to getting as many people active in sport and recreation as possible. For families who may experience financial challenges, we will work with the family to find the means to allow them to participate in our programs.

Click here to download 'A Guide to Parasport in Manitoba'



Core Sports:

Wheelchair Basketball

Our wheelchair basketball program provides opportunities for recreational and high-performance training in this exciting sport. All abilities are welcome to participate. Participants are welcome to bring their own sport wheelchair or they may use one of the basketball chairs provided at the program.


Recreational Program: Tuesday Evenings

HP Program:  Saturday

Season: September to May

Registration Fee: $150.00

Age Group: All Ages


Three athletes using sports wheelchairs

Wheelchair Rugby

Our wheelchair rugby program provides opportunities for recreational programming as well as training for the annual national championships. Wheelchair Rugby is a unique sport invented for those with impairments in at least three limbs. In local programming, all abilities are welcome to come and try out the sport. Wheelchair rugby chairs are available from the 76ers Wheelchair Rugby Club on a limited basis


Season: October to May

Days Played: Tuesdays and Fridays

Registration Fee: $100.00

Ages: 13 and up


Currently during COVID-19, MWSA is only operating programming related to our core sport programs while the pandemic continues in our province. Our sports operate under the public health orders for sport, and follow a Return to Sport plan developed by our coaches and our board of directors. Our plans include frequent sanitization, screening of participants, loaning equipment to families where possible, and more. Our plans can be found on our website:

Other Programs and Services:

Wheelchair Tennis 

Every summer, MWSA runs an introductory wheelchair tennis program that teaches the fundamentals of tennis in a fun, learning atmosphere. Participants will learn the key skills of the sport, including chair movement and racquet skills. Sport wheelchairs and tennis equipment is provided in this program.


Season: June to August

Days: TBD

Registration Fee: $50.00

Ages: All ages

School Demonstrations Program

Our school demonstrations program is a unique program where schools are able to borrow up to 10 sport wheelchairs that are used in their physical education class. This brings a new perspective to gym class allowing for a hands-on experience of our sports. For more information on this program, have your physical education teacher reach out to our association.


Months Offered: November - May

Cost: $100 per day plus mileage outside of Winnipeg

Have a Go Days 

Have a Go Days are for those who are new to our sports and provide an opportunity to try out a new sport with a low coach to athlete ratio. Have a Go Days are offered sporadically throughout the year. If you have a sport that you would like to Have a Go at, please contact our office.

Wheelchair Loan Program

MWSA offers a sport wheelchair loan program on a limited basis for those who wish to use the chair in the community. Those who have borrowed chairs have used them at community courts and programs or in the Manitoba Marathon. These wheelchairs are limited and priority is given to participants in our regular programming. For more information, please contact our office.


Cost: Membership + $10/month or $100/year


Find a Sport 

We love working with people who are trying to find their passion in sport. Even if it is a sport we don’t offer, we would love to help you connect with the right organization who is offering the program you’re looking for.

   Contact Info   

(204) 925-5790

145 Pacific Avenue

Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6

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