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GoodLife Kids


GoodLife Kids Foundation enables and supports kids and youth with autism and intellectual disabilities through physical activity and fitness. The MOVE by GoodLife Kids is an adapted physical activity program exclusively designed for youth 12 to 21 years with autism and intellectual disabilities. MOVE currently runs virtually year-round focusing on physical literacy and building a love of fitness. 



We hope YOU will learn to LOVE fitness and physical activity as much as we do!

As a MOVE Participant, you’ll be part of a small group of Participants, and work closely with your Coach to help you achieve your fitness goals – whatever they may be.

You’ll be invited to 3 virtual activities every week – all year long (days and times vary depending on the program in your area). Join us for 30-60 minute adaptive fitness activities like:

  • Fundamental Series: Fitness Basics and Stretching/Yoga

  • Cardio Series: Dance, Circuit, and Bootcamp

  • Strength Series: Upper Body, Lower Body, and Core


A typical MOVE session starts with social time for Participants and your Coach, followed by a fun workout, and finishes with a relaxing meditation.


Once you have joined us for a month, you will be sent a welcome kit in the mail which includes a Participant shirt and some workout gear to make the most of your workouts. Our long-term goal is to provide MOVE Participants with the skills to increase your physical literacy and build your own love of fitness!

Not sure if the program is right for you? Free trial classes allow you to try it out before committing.

Download the poster here.

   Contact Info   

Kyla Crocker (she/her), MOVE Program Director

Facebook: @goodlifekids 
Instagram: @goodlifekids_fdn 
Twitter: @GoodLifeKids 

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