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iCan Bike Camp

iCan Bike Camp is a program offered through the iCan Shine organization and hosted by Variety. We understand that the vast majority of people with disabilities never have the experience of independently riding a conventional two-wheel bicycle during their lifetime. Research shows that over 80% of people with Autism and 90% of people with Down syndrome never experience this thrill. Defying these odds is why we exist!


iCan Bike Program Overview:


  • 2024 dates TBD!

  • We will have approximately 40 riders each week of the camp; however, because there are five 75-minute sessions each day, there will be no more than 8 riders at any one time at camp which ensures more individualized attention for your rider

  • Each rider, accompanied by their parent or guardian, will attend the same 75- minute session each day 

  • We will seek to provide the same volunteers all week for your rider to create a familiar, predictable and safe environment 

  • Riders will begin on a specialized adapted bicycle (roller bike) designed to teach them to balance appropriately

  • On the second day of camp, in addition to riding the roller bike, riders will participate in a specialized tandem bike ride with iCan Bike staff which provides motivation as well as instructional opportunities

  • The first two days of bike camp (Mon & Tues) will take place solely inside on the adapted roller bikes

  • Roller bikes gradually introduce increased instability to riders as the different rollers are introduced enabling riders to sequence through such bikes at their own individual pace

  • On the third day (Wed), some riders may transition to a conventional two-wheel bike once they have sequenced through the roller bikes

  • Once riders are initially successful on a conventional two-wheel bike (demonstrate good balance and ability to brake and stop), they will transition to the outdoor riding area with their volunteer supporters

  • The process of transitioning to a two-wheel bike riding outside may happen Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and is based on each rider’s individual pace through our sequence of roller bikes

Rider must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Have a disability

  • At least 8 years old at the start of camp

  • Maximum weight of 220 lbs

  • Able to walk without assistive device

  • Able to side step to both sides

  • Minimum inseam of 20” (measure from floor while wearing sneakers)

  • Willing and able to wear a properly fitted bike helmet

  • Able to attend the same 75-minute session for all 5 days of camp

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